Samantha Ganotakis

Contemporary art painter

" The world needs feminine energy "

Samantha Ganotakis, born in 1991, is a young Belgian-Greek painter currently living in Belgium.


After studying law and pursuing a career in criminology, Samantha’s love of art returned at a time when the meaning and purpose of life eluded her.


Self-taught, art is her way of externalizing her emotions.


"I paint in the passion of the moment; allowing my feelings to take over and guide me."

Her creations fall clearly within the "abstract expressionist" movement, but with more than a touch of figuratism.


Passionate about the place of women in society, Samantha's striking pieces often highlight the woman's body.


Her art reflects her feminist values and her willingness to speak out and denounce certain injustices.


"The world needs feminine energy."


She likes to explore themes which put women first.


"Women have always fascinated me, hence my unceasing interest in recreating feminine curves and emphasising the beauty of the female anatomy. Being able to convey this fascination to others through my art makes me feel free and alive!”


Without any self-restraint, Samantha seeks to create her own fantasy universe, one in which poignant emotions are conveyed with both strength and sensitivity.


She likes to use red, because of its ability to create intensity and convey powerful emotions.


"I like to challenge and to shock, and I love passion. Red is the most powerful colour and I feel like a work is never complete until it contains at least a hint of red."


A serious family illness, the often bleak nature of her former career as a criminologist and learning how to deal with the challenges of depression, released and brought to fruition a passion that has lain dormant within her since childhood.


Painting was at first a refuge from the challenges of everyday life, but later became an outlet for the expression of inner strength and vibrant emotions.


Samantha’s work continues to evolve. With no pre-determined direction, rules or code, her innovative use of a mix of texture, three-dimensional relief and colour made acrylic a natural medium. However, she is keen to evolve and explore the possibility of working with a broader mix of media.